15-Rescue - (1987-2016)

1987 Mack/EVF

Purchased in 1987 to replace our 1964 GMC Rescue Truck (which itself was purchased from Monsey FD in 1980). 15-Rescue was essentially a giant "tool box on wheels" and responded first due to all extrication and special rescue calls.

15-Rescue was sold to a movie production company after being surplused by the Village of Sloatsburg in anticpation for her replacement, a 2017 E-One Pumper/Rescue.


1987 Mack MC600 / EVF Heavy Duty Rescue

Firefighting Equipment

(7) Scott 30-Minute Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

(18) Spare Scott 30-Minute Cylinders

(1) Partner K12 Rotary Vent Saw

(1) Scott Eagle Thermal Imaging Camera

Rescue Equipment

(1) TNT Rescue Accelerator 6.5 HP Hydraulic Pump

(1) TNT Rescue Bantam 3.0 HP Hydraulic Pump

(1) TNT Rescue Nitro 1.5 HP Hydraulic Pump

(1) TNT Rescue S-100-28 Spreader

(1) TNT Rescue SLC-28 Cutter

(1) TNT Rescue SLC-24 Cutter

(1) TNT Rescue SLCC-30 Combination Spreader/Cutter

Photo courtesy of Craig Sherman.
Photo courtesy of Tom Shand.