15-1500 - (1984-2004)

1984 Mack CF

Purchased in 1984 to replace the 1964 American LaFrance Engine (15-1000), the 1500 was a classic 1980s Mack CF. Popularized by widespread use in the New York City Fire Department, many consider the Mack CF the quintessential fire engine of the late 20th century.

The pride of the Sloatsburg Fire Department's fleet, 15-1500 responded second due to all alarms. The end of en era is marked with the retiring of the 1500 in that she was our last open cab apparatus. New NFPA codes specify that all new fire apparatus cabs must be fully enclosed. The 1500 is currently serving her second tour of duty as a front line pumper for the Blenheim Fire Department in Schoharie County, New York.


1984 Mack CF Triple Combination Fire Engine

1500 GPM 2-Stage Waterous Pump

600 Gallon Water Tank


1,000', 5" Supply Line

300', 2-1/2" Supply Line

(1) 250', 2-1/2" Rear Crosslay

(2) 150', 1-3/4" Crosslays

(2) 200' Reels, 1" Booster Line


(1) 24' Extension Ladder

(1) 14' Roof Ladder

(1) 10' Attic Ladder

Firefighting Equipment

(6) Scott 30-Minute Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

(1) Partner K650 Rotary Vent Saw

Rescue Equipment

Hurst Hydraulic Power Plant

(1) Hurst Combination Spreader/Cutter Tool

Photo courtesy of Tom Shand.
1984 Delivery Photo Shoot.
1984 Delivery Photo Shoot.
1984 Delivery Photo Shoot.
1984 Delivery Photo Shoot.
Photo courtesy of Mike Martinelli.